The Book

When you are wronged by the world, will you be broken or will you right those wrongs? Taken from his family on the Western American Frontier, Herron Fisher is forced into a decade of slavery in a Native American camp. As he continues to grow in stature and skill he fights to survive as he is threatened at every turn.

Herron is challenged with confronting the brutality of an outlaw-controlled land. A ruthless group, known as the Peacemakers, reign terror on the frontier.  Unable to avoid their tyranny, Herron is left to make a choice: Will he allow the persecuted to continue to be oppressed? Or will he risk everything, to do for others what they can not do for themselves?


The Characters

Herron Fisher: A young boy from the Eastern United States traveling to the West Coast with his family. The story follows his journey as he grows up, raised as a slave in a Native American camp, and eventually becomes a dangerous force on the Western Frontier.







Richard Searle: A farmer and tradesmen living in the Rocky Mountains of the West. A former business partner with the Peacemakers turned enemy, forming a friendship with Herron and becoming one of his most important allies.








Winona: A peer of Herron and native of the tribe he is forced into. Winona becomes integral to Herron’s survival in the early years of his residence, quickly forming a bond of friendship. She is an important influence and voice of reason as Herron navigates the challenges they both come to face.







Nekai: A deadly Native American warrior in the Western United States becomes the kidnapper and master of Herron during his teenage years. After his family is killed by white men he becomes bitter towards their race and untrusting of their intentions. He becomes faced with conflict when Herron begins to show potential as a valuable asset in protecting the tribe.







Kenneth: The most dangerous outlaw in the West. The head of the last handful of plantations this side of the Mississippi, he is feared by lawmen and government alike. Unchallenged in his criminal acts because of his psychotic reputation, he causes chaos and murder wherever he travels.